Who is Hope. Faith. Believe?

We are a collective group of people willing to make a difference. 

What is Hope. Faith. Believe?

Hope. Faith. Believe focuses its overseas efforts on serving the people that lack clean drinking water and providing the community with the essentials to filtrate poor drinking water to drinkable (non harmful) quality. Whenever possible, volunteers are encouraged to use their vocations, skills, and passions to help us make a global difference. Volunteers serve alongside a community to help people work together in interdependency, taking charge of their situations and moving towards a more empowered and satisfying life as individuals and community.

“No matter how great or small your service is, it is desired and needed by the world we live in today.”

Our strategy for mobilizing volunteers is based on careful needs-assessment in the host country and at the level of the beneficiary.

Hope. Faith. Believe is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and has a strong desire to expand global.

Our Mission:  

HFB has a goal: To spread Hope - Simply stated, but will take a global effort. 

When you don’t invest in the inventors of tomorrow, the economist of tomorrow, the doctors of  tomorrow won’t emerge because they have not had the chance or opportunity.  Safe water is not available to everybody, and this simple resource fuels everything.

Our Vision:   

To have our image of the Virgin Mary in the hands of every person who wants to make that connection, and  create Hope in  the missing void in each person.

People are seeking for something to Believe in. We feel that Faith is needed more than ever.  When an unexplained image of the Virgin Mary is seen, people gather like a pilgrimage to be in Her presence.  There have been unexplained phenomena of statues and shrines of a weeping Virgin Mary.  These events create groups of people around her.  They Believe there is a message of Hope.  This gives them the Hope that they may not have had.  It gives them the Belief to keep going and to strive for a better future looking forward.  Forgiving their past and moving forward to create a better “them”

That Hope spreads to each village and town, across each state, and country.  From there it will spread globally.  This consumption will spread like wildfire in a positive way.

How it all started:

The idea has been here for centuries.  The image and force behind Hope Faith Believe was driven, actually thirsted upon me one evening.  I have always been a Believer in positive affirmations.  One day I was creating positivity in a rather lack luster day, when this sudden urge came into me and actually felt as if I were lifted off my feet and into a state of trance. I felt conscious, but numb as if nothing else was in focus.  The only sight I was able to see was a light and it was surrounding the face of the Virgin Mary as if a halo was glowing over Her head.  The image was essentially  ingrained into my memory.  This was a message, a blessing.  As I realized what had happened, this is my purpose, and I have been searching for some time now.  I Believe that day I had channeled the affirmations and this is what became of it.

Have Faith and Help Protect

The image of the Virgin Mary is looking up, as her message is looking to pass Faith into you, the holder of the image.   If you Believe,  She will protect.  She will watch over.  You will be blessed, we just ask that you pass it forward, to better our planet.

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